Brain Mapping

    Quantitative Electroencephalography or, QEEG, provides a remarkable picture of how the brain is functioning in real time. This non-invasive and painless technique is used to record the electrical activity of the brain and, through sophisticated software, is designed to identify where those signals may deviate from optimal functioning.

    The procedure is done in about two hours using an electrode cap that ensures uniform placement. The sensors record brain wave patterns and these signals are then passed through a sophisticated software program enabling the professional to visually examine those patterns. A trained professional examines the brain wave patterns and compares the data to a normative data base. Sources of asymmetry, amplitudes, and coherence at different sites in the brain can be identified and treatment strategies for future treatment with neurotherapy can be developed.

    This procedure has been effective in identifying brain wave pattern anomalies in patients with head injuries, learning disabilities, attention problems, and many other mental health and physical complaints. Many professionals in this field find that QEEG’s are invaluable as a treatment tool. Our office provides this service by appointment.